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Why is the Tata Power stock price not rising?

by Everydays Journal
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Have you invested all your money in Tata Power?

However, you are not the only one who invested in Tata Power stock. Even in 2022, all my friends and relatives put in huge money. Because people trust Ratan Tata and Tata Group. if you look last 5 months at first glance you will be shocked because stocks are continuously falling downward.

tata power share price

Most of us wonder why stock prices are not rising, what is the reason and when will their prices rise. I know you have a lot of questions regarding stock price but I want to focus on only 2 questions.

  1. Why TATA POWER stock prices are not growing?
  2. When will Tata Power share prices start rising?

Why TATA POWER stock prices are not growing?

The reason for not increasing the prices is the new electric car of TATA Avinya and Elon Musk company tesla.


Yes, you read it right “tesla” a well known electric car company by Elon Musk. Tesla is the biggest competitor for tata power and it’s the main reason prices not growing. As you know stock prices depend on demand and supply and until now we don’t saw any electric cars on the roads. because tata aims to make the electric pump all over India but no demands yet.

Tata Avinya

It’s that electric car tata that maybe launch in 2023 and the group of Tata will be thinking of making electric power plants in these years. because it’s the only car that can compete with tesla’s eclectic cars. so, need time to create an electric pump all over India and as a private contract, it will take 2-3 years to build.

Final Words

Lastly, be patient as the share price of Tata stocks is not going up overnight, it will take time. According to our research, probably in 2023, the price will cross Rs 1000.

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