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Which iPhone model is cheaper on Black Friday?

by Everydays Journal
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Many people wait this time of year to look for a new iPhone to call their own.

But it is only sometimes possible to buy the last generation model, so the way is to look for one of past generations.

But it’s worth it? Which older model is worth the price paid for it?

That’s what this article tries to analyze.

deals of the week

First, let’s get to know the prices and the differences in values ​​between the various models, and then we’ll analyze what’s worth it.

These are the deals we’ve picked up this Black Friday (prices may change at any time):

Things to be considered

If the price is one of many factors to be considered (some want an iPhone at the lowest price), other essential factors must be considered. Here we list some of them:

  • iPhone SE 2 has the same A13 Bionic chip as iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE 3 has the same A15 Bionic chip as iPhone 13 (and iPhone 14)
  • The difference between the two generations of SE is R$ 530. Remembering that the A15 is much more performant in specific tasks.
  • 64GB on a cell phone nowadays starts to get little. It is still possible to do a lot, but over time this capacity tends to be well outdated (decreasing the value of a future resale)
  • The difference between an iPhone 11 (with an A13 chip) and an iPhone SE 3 (with an A15 chip) is only R$162. That’s the price for more life and possibly more years of iOS updates.
  • The iPhone SE 3 is compatible with 5G networks in Brazil, while the iPhone 11 and SE 2 are not.
  • The iPhone 11, compared to the SE, has a larger screen, more battery capacity, eSIM compatibility, and Face ID.

The purchase decision must be an individual one, and we cannot say here which one you should buy.

It depends a lot on how much budget you have available, the type of cell phone you use, and your user profile.

However, we point out some essential points for you to include in your analysis and help in your decision.

We here always suggest you buy the latest model as it will receive iOS updates for longer.

But for immediate use, all those listed above offer excellent performance.

Prices this week vary a lot. That is because they are based, among other things, on the stocks available (that’s why each colour has a different price in the links above).

So, consider that the longer you take to decide, the less chance you have of getting a reasonable price.

Think, analyze and make the best decision for you.

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