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Top 10 Apps Banned on iOS for Spam or Legal Reasons

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Scams, malware, and other applications are usually removed from the App Store or Google Play Store every so often. There are, however, some games that are removed for different reasons.

Different Reasons Why Apple Removed the iOS Apps

An article by PCMag shares different types of apps that booted off the App Store for other reasons. Remove these types of apps from the App Store for various reasons, including being just creepy to something that has to deal with illegality.

Although some of the apps on the list are technically not illegal, Apple still has its guidelines, and if they are broken, the company usually removes the app from its App Store.

Top 10 Apps Banned on iOS for Different Reasons.

1. I Am Rich

This particular app costs $999.99 and technically did not do anything. Apple immediately took the app down just a day after its release.

2. Slash

This app played the Psycho theme by Bernard Herrmann whenever owners made a stabbing motion with their phones. The app display only showed a photograph of a knife.

3. Fortnite

The longstanding tension between Fortnite and Apple has been one of the most popular topics in video game history. Apple charges a 30% royalty on apps and in-app purchases, and Fortnite wanted to bypass this by offering alternative payment methods.

4. Metadata+

This app sends users notifications whenever a drone strike launches in Pakistan, Yemen, or Somalia. The game was taken off the iOS and didn’t last long, even after being found a second time.

5. Tawkon Radiation Detector

This app was supposed to estimate the radiation one experiences, and although the CEO tried to reach out to Apple to question why it removed it, Gil Friedlander said to meet him with a “no interest” answer.

6. Drivers License

The app lets users insert pictures into a driver’s license from 50 states. The app was available for two years in 2011 before it was removed.

7. Send Me To Heaven

The app was created to destroy as many iPhones as possible. The app incentivizes users to do this by recording the maximum height they can throw their phones in the sky.

8. Trapster

This app notified people where driving checkpoints were located. The app was pulled down due to Apple’s policy prohibiting law enforcement info unknown to the general public.

9. Phone Story

This app is a mini-game that involves forcing players to face child labour and brutal worker conditions. The app can still be found on Google Play Store for $1.99.

10. Baby Shaker

The app displays babies and is paired with “obnoxious crying sounds,” To turn it off, users will have to shake their phone furiously.

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