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Google Tv Updates To Improve Performance, Offer Better Storage Management

by Everydays Journal

Google says the upcoming Google TV update will make better use of CPU and RAM and enable users to browse TV shows and movies faster.

In a recent community post, Google admitted that Google TV needed some optimization. The tech colossus also said it is working on an update that will improve the overall performance, reduce choppiness and allow better storage management.

Considering user feedback, Google said that the smart tv home screen, known for the ‘For You tab, will better use CPU resources and improve cache management. It will help reduce the startup loading time so users can start browsing shows and movies faster.

Google has improved the navigation and scrolling experience and made it quicker to switch between tabs. Also, the Live Tab has received some attention, with the tech giant stating that loading animation will be shorter thanks to Google TV using less RAM.

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Those having kids at home now see that the time to switch between kids and average profiles has been reduced. Also, apps will load faster once you switch between various profiles.

Coming to storage management, Google has added a ‘Free up storage’ menu in device settings that allow users to quickly clear up space and uninstall apps they don’t use, thus maximizing the available storage space.

The company can access it by heading to Settings, going to Storage, and selecting ‘Free up Storage. While this feature is already available for Chromecast with Google TV users, those owning intelligent TVs with Google TV will be able to see it once the update goes live.

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