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Google Docs Added eSignature Feature

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Google Docs users will soon have access to eSignature functionality in another update, according to the search engine giant. Keeping track of contracts and customer agreements that need to be signed can be difficult if you work as an event planner or digital producer.

The traditional method of collecting signatures is through personal contact; however, as digitization becomes more common, this is changing.

A year ago, Google Workspace Personal was released as an update for one-man businesses that previously used Gmail accounts.

Thanks to the native esignature capability, users can “easily execute contracts from the familiar interface of Documents; without switching tabs or apps.”

All you have to do, as shown in the animation below, is drag and drop the signature and add the date to the text document.

Google Docs will be able to manage contracts more similarly to software like Pandadoc, allowing two parties to review and securely sign a contract from the comfort of their online browsers. Google says Workspace Individual users will be able to use signature updates in a test stage, but the company did not provide a specific timeline for the rollout to all users.

Here’s what it looks like

After the contract has been drawn up and reviewed, one party can request a signature or date from the other by including one or both of these fields, and after the signing is completed, both parties can be e-mailed a copy. Will travel If you need multiple copies of the same contract to be signed by multiple people, there is an option to make multiple copies of the same contract.

According to Google, this feature will initially be released as a bets feature, but it will be fully rolled out soon.

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