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China Reports With Evidence Of Alien

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The alien signals were captured by the Sky Eye telescope, according to a report published by Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

According to Bloomberg, citing a document published by the Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, China has claimed to have detected alien signals through a telescope, which has predicted extraterrestrial life in 2020. The search was started.

Report Deleted By Science & Technology Website

However, after the news spread on social media, the report was removed from the Science and Technology Daily website.

According to the document, a team working with the Sky Eye telescope in Guizhou province of China discovered two strange signals in 2020. It was processing data from 2019.

Another suspicious signal was discovered in 2022 while observing data from exoplanets, according to Bloomberg, citing chief scientist Zhang Tonji of Search for an Extraterrestrial Civilization.

On the report of the scientist, the signals picked up by Sky could be radio interference. He said they would need additional research.

Are Humans Alone in The Universe?

Global space agencies are searching for answers to the fundamental question: Are humans alone in the universe?

In 2021, NASA said it had yet to find reliable evidence of alien life. It has an astrobiology program that studies the origin, evolution and spread of life beyond Earth.

“From studying water on Mars to investigating promising “ocean worlds” like Titan and Europa, to looking for biosignatures in our cosmic neighbourhoods and the atmospheres of planets beyond our solar system, NASA’s science mission is unmistakable. We are working closely to find signs of life beyond Earth,” the agency said.

It’s not new news that aliens get the attention of humans. The universe is very wide so there is a high probability that a planet like Earth exists in large numbers.

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