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Android’s new holiday update lets you digitally share your car keys

by Everydays Journal

It has become a tradition for Google to release a bunch of features in December ahead of the holiday season. The company started this trend two years ago – in December 2020 – after it rolled out a bunch of features for a handful of Android 11-toting smartphones.

A year later, in December 2021, Google released a similar holiday-eve update that introduced a range of features to select Android smartphones.

The December 2021 holiday update brought to Android includes something called “Family Bell” — a feature aimed at helping families track their daily schedules — and a new “People and Pets widget” for Google Photos. “.

In addition, last year’s update added a new “Relive Celebrations” option on Google Photos, as well as a new Android Auto feature that allowed users to send quick replies to text messages.

However, the most talked about feature addition with the 2021 update was the option to convert their phone into a car key. Unfortunately, the feature was limited to a handful of BMW cars – and only worked with some high-end Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices.

While we weren’t entirely certain that Google intends to release a holiday update for Android in 2022, the company published a blog post on December 1st, 2021, confirming that they will indeed be rolling out the 2022 Android holiday update soon. Issuing updates.

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