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How to add people on WhatsApp

by Everydays Journal

WhatsApp is home to billions of monthly active users, but how do you add people to the platform?

Adding people on WhatsApp is one of the fundamentals of using the popular Meta-owned messaging app.

It’s one of the first steps to take when engaging someone for the first time on WhatsApp. And it’s super easy to master.

However, some users still do not know how to add people on WhatsApp. But don’t worry, we’ll break everything down for you.

In this article, you’ll learn more about adding people on WhatsApp, different ways to do it, and how to remove someone from your WhatsApp contacts.

Adding people on WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp groups can accommodate up to 512 members, there’s no limit to how many people you can add to your WhatsApp contacts.

You can add people on WhatsApp in two major ways: through your phone contacts or WhatsApp.

Once you add people on WhatsApp, it becomes easier to search for them and your previous chats using WhatsApp’s built-in search tool.

Additionally, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to delete a contact. However, you can block someone on WhatsApp and then delete their contact from your phonebook.

How to add people on WhatsApp via your phone contacts

To add people on WhatsApp via your phone contacts or address book:

1. Open your phone contacts or call history if you’ve recently spoken with them.

add people on whatsapp

2. Search for or scroll down to the contact in question

add people on whatsapp

3. Tap on Add contact, New contact, or New. This may differ from phone to phone.

add people on whatsapp

4. Enter the contact’s name, phone number, and other details you’ll like to add.

add people on whatsapp

5. Tap Save when done, and the saved contact should be automatically added to your WhatsApp contacts.

add people on whatsapp

Now, go to WhatsApp and search for the newly added contact, and you can start chatting.

That’s how you add people from your contacts list, but if you want to do it directly from the WhatsApp platform, keep reading.

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