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WhatsApp now lets you undelete accidentally deleted messages

by Everydays Journal
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WhatsApp took its time, but in 2017, it finally got around to adding the ability to unsend sent messages for everyone. Apart from deleting a message for everyone, WhatsApp also provides an option to delete a message just for you.

If you are a heavy WhatsApp user, you must have come across a situation where you accidentally hit the Delete for Me button instead of the Delete for Everyone option. WhatsApp is rolling out an improved Let Then Never move, introducing an accidental delete feature that lets you delete messages you accidentally deleted just for yourself.

Of course, the five-second window may not be enough in some cases, but WhatsApp may change this time limit in the future.

After all, the service initially only allowed a message to be deleted within seven minutes of sending it, but earlier this year that limit was raised to 60 hours.

The Accidental Delete feature in WhatsApp is already making its way to users on the stable channel on Android, iPhone and desktop.

This is the third major improvement WhatsApp has made to its platform this month. In early December, customizable avatars made their debut on WhatsApp.

This was followed by some voice and video call improvements with support for up to 32 people in group video calls and the ability to mute individual callers.

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