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What are Festival Shells in Splatoon 3?

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When playing Splatfests in Splatoon 3, players sometimes face 10x, 100x and 333x battles, where the winners get significantly more clout than in a normal Splatfest match.

Although these encounters are not guaranteed, players can use special Festival Shells to increase the chances of a high multiplier match appearing. That said, many people may not know how to get Festival Shell in the game and the whole system behind it. So, we’ve put together a guide explaining what the Festival Shells are in Splatoon 3.

The Festival Shell in Splatoon 3 Explained

As mentioned earlier, Festival Shell increases the chances of you and your team being in a high multiplier match. The odds go up significantly for each festival shell you have. If you have a few Festival Shells in your bag, you’re likely to get a 10x battle, while if your team has multiple players who own Festival Shells, you’re likely to get a 100x battle. Also, if the majority of players on both teams in the match own the Festival Shell and trigger 100x Battles, they will get the rare 333x Battle instead.

You’ll get a Festival Shell every time your team wins a battle 10x. Unfortunately, this is the only way to earn special tokens in-game, and you’ll also have to wait for 10x battles to appear randomly to stand a chance of getting the Festival Shell. It’s also worth noting that once a 100x or 333x battle appears, all players involved in the match will lose their Festival Shells regardless of the outcome, so try and make the most of them when you get them.

Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Since the start of the second part of SplatFest, Splatoon 3 players have been struggling to get into the battle of the tricolor turf battle. Players on the Splatoon 3 subreddit are reporting that they’ve been waiting for two hours for a tricolor match and haven’t found one. However, Nintendo had already warned players that this would be due to the reaction to the world premiere Splatfest.

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