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Watch the Microsoft Surface Event on October 12

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Microsoft’s fall Surace event will happen on Wednesday, October 12, at around 10 am. ET. The event can be witnessed live on the landing page of Microsoft.

Don’t miss the event. Microsoft is expected to announce several products, although the tech giant has not yet released its official announcement.

How to Watch?

For those who plan to see the event, here’s how to watch the Microsoft Surface event:

  1. Microsoft’s landing page is cryptic about the coming event. It only posted: “Watch live to see what’s next” and added a date, 10 am ET on October 12, 2022.
  2. To avoid missing the date, keep a tab of the event by adding it to your Outlook calendar.

Surface Pro 9

The tech giant expected to showcase the new Surface Pro 9, The Verge reported.

While its predecessor, the Surface Pro 8, was terrific in its vivid 120Hz display and aesthetic, it remains to be seen how the company will improve on a great tablet such Surface Pro 8.

The new product may add new colourways and build a more robust processor combining Intel and Arm hardware. Perhaps.

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New Surface Studio

Microsoft may also surprise everyone by announcing, which is likely, a new Surface Studio.

The leaked updates of the Surface app for Windows were a message to consider seriously.

There are speculations that Surface Studio 3 may come out soon, Digital Trends reported.

Leaked images of the new Surface Pen, Mouse, and Keyboard have been making rounds on the internet. That could be an indication that the product is already in the pipeline.

Surface Laptop

Microsoft may also parade the enhanced versions of the Surface Laptop 4 powered by the 12th Gen CPU of Intel.

It is hard to imagine what could be the refreshed versions like when the Surface Laptop 4 already had the assets anybody could admire. Think of this: lightweight and excellent battery life. That’s the Surface Laptop 4, which will leave everyone on edge to wait for its refreshed versions.

Surface Duo Surprise Appearance

Windows Central Senior Editor Zac Bowden hinted in his tweet that “Android 12L for Surface Duo is around the corner.”

In his article published in Windows Central, Bowden wrote: “Blurred UI effects, fluid animations, and more are coming to Surface Duo.”

For the first time, Microsoft applies its Fluent design language to Android 12L, he wrote.

It, he added, is part of Microsoft’s effort to “highlight Surface Duo as a great Windows companion device.”

New Ecosystem of Surface Accessories

October 12 may also allow everyone to watch for the new ecosystem of Surface accessories. These accessories include the enhanced Type Covers and Surface Earbuds.

Hold your breath as the event unfolds. Microsoft will mesmerize everyone with how it will mark the 10th year of the Surface tablet.

If circumstances do not allow you to watch the event live, we will keep you updated on the announcements and detail of the coverage.

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