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The Roomba Combo j7+ Aims to Mop

by Everydays Journal
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There’s a new Roomba in town with a robotic arm that can lift your mopping pad out of the way of your carpets. The iRobot Roomba Combo j7+ is priced at $1,099 and is now available to pre-order from iRobot.

The new Roomba retains the shape and self-emptying dock of the Roomba j7+. It will also navigate your electrical cords and avoid those “messy surprises” your pet can leave behind.

The software in the robot vacuum can also learn from your schedule and suggest when and where to clean daily.

iRobot’s latest robotic vacuum can clean your floors, too, and you won’t have to pause partially through cleaning to install one or the other.

Robot vacuums that can also mop are not unheard of, but they do have their limitations—most often in that you set up cleaning mop as a separate task from vacuuming. That, or the mop part of the device, will end up being dragged along the carpet and getting things wet, which is why iRobot thinks its new Roomba Combo j7+ will stand out from the rest.

iRobot OS 5.0

In addition to mopping, the j7+ will also leverage iRobot OS 5.0 for better navigation and object recognition. Roombas (and other compatible iRobot devices) will automatically detect “clean zones” such as couches, dishwashers and pet bowls, as well as detect and avoid small miscellaneous items such as litter boxes and backpacks.

And if for some reason you decide you don’t want to clean a particular room during a cycle, you can tell the Roomba to leave it using the Home app or Alexa commands.

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