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Samsung Unlocks New Camera Features With Camera Assistant App

by Everydays Journal

Samsung has launched yet another camera app for Galaxy smartphones. Called Camera Assistant, this app helps enhance the image output of the default camera. It is also available for a wide range of Galaxy devices, unlike Expert RAW, which is limited to select flagships and is a standalone camera app.

Camera Assistant is part of Samsung’s Good Lock personalization suite. It adds advanced features to the default camera app. You can now enable/disable automatic HDR, a feature introduced with One UI 4.1. When shooting in photo or portrait mode, you can use a new feature to soften the texture of the face and hair. You can turn off the feature for a more detailed texture.

Auto lens switching is another feature enabled by Camera Assistant. Your phone will automatically switch to the right lens depending on the subject’s brightness and distance. If you’re shooting at 3x magnification or higher, it switches to the wide-angle lens for well-focused and bright shots. This feature helps with zoom shots in low-light environments.

Camera Assistant also enables you to record videos when in photo mode. You can long-press the shutter button to start recording. This feature, called Quick Take, helps in situations when you need to start recording quickly, so you don’t miss the perfect moment. Meanwhile, when setting a timer, you can set the number of pictures you want to take (1, 3, 5, or 7).

Samsung’s Camera Assistant brings more new features.

The new Camera Assistant app further improves the quality of photos taken with Quick Shot. It lets you quickly capture multiple images of a moving subject. Samsung is improving autofocus, so the images don’t come out blurry. This feature currently only supports the primary rear camera, but the company plans to support other lenses too.

With Camera Assistant, Samsung smartphones connected to an external display via HDMI will show a clean preview screen with no camera UI. Previously, you could only mirror the smartphone screen on the big display. Last but not least, this app lets you manually set the camera timeout. You can select from 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes, after which the camera will automatically sleep if kept inactive.

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