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Radiation from 6G Network may be beneficial for the brain

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The study by the State Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University builds on research carried out by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2009, which tested the effects of terahertz radiation on brain cells and observed that the correct dose could stimulate activity. of the proteins GluA1, GluN1 and SY-38, which are responsible for the development of neurons.

Li Xiaoli, the lead scientist of the study published in the journal Acta Physica Sinica, says:

Terahertz waves of certain frequencies and energies could be developed as a new neuromodulation technology to treat or intervene in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Among the diseases that can be treated with this technology are Alzheimer’s, autism and Parkinson’s disease, but research says it’s possible to go even further.

In the experiment, neurons from mice were exposed to 100 microwatt pulse radiation for 3 minutes at frequencies ranging from 0.3 to 3 terahertz, resulting in neurons growing 150% faster in a Petri dish while maintaining healthy characteristics.

The result was that the mice used in the experiments had improved learning ability thanks to another effect of radiation on their brain: the number of connections between neurons doubled in just 3 days. Tests showed that there was no harm to the animals’ bodies.

Yet another test exposed the mice to 90 mW terahertz radiation for 20 minutes a day for three weeks. The result was an increase in new brain cells in young specimens, causing them to respond more quickly to stimuli and learn tasks more quickly than mice that did not receive this treatment.

Finally, Li Xiaoli also clarifies that more studies are already underway to ensure that 6G technology is safe and that treatments involving terahertz radiation guarantee better living conditions for people in the future without posing any risk to them.

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