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M2 Chip Update | MacBook New Price & Update

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The Apple event happened on 6th June 2022, in this event apple launched the M2 chip for MacBook power users.

Everyone knows that MacBook is better than every laptop in the world. So how does the M2 chip make the MacBook faster and more accessible and what is the cost of the new MacBook with the M2 chip.

What’s new in the Apple M2 chip?

The M2 delivers new levels of power-efficient performance and capabilities to the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro compared to the completely redesigned MacBook Air and M1.

(Apple Senior Vice President) Johnny Srouzi said: The M2 marked the beginning of the second generation of the M-series chips and surpassed the notable features of the M1.

M2: Better Transistors, More Memory

Here are the new task that M2 handles better than the M1 chip.

  • The M2’s system-on-a-chip (SoC) design is built using advanced, second-generation 5-nanometer technology, and includes 20 billion transistors – 25% more than the M1.
  • Additional transistors improve features throughout the chip, including a memory controller that provides 100Gb/s of integrated memory bandwidth – 50% more than the M1.
  • With up to 24GB of fast integrated memory, the M2 can handle even larger and more complex workloads.

Faster Power-Efficient Performance

The new CPUs have faster performance cores and a larger cache, while the efficiency cores have been greatly better for greater performance gains.

They deliver 18% higher multithread performance than the M1, allowing the M2 to rip through CPU-intensive tasks such as creating music with layers of effects or complex filters in photos using far less power. To apply.

When compare to the latest 10-core PC laptop chip in the M1, the CPU in the M2 delivers almost twice the performance at the same power level.

Price of New Macbook with M2

As we talk, the price of new MacBook with M2 chip is not as expensive as MacBook with M1. The price of the new MacBook is around Rs.85,000/-. For students, apple gives a 10% MacBook discount if you are a student or in a learning phase.

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