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Google Pixel Watch Latest News: Report

by Everydays Journal
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According to a report, the Google Pixel Watch battery last up to a day on a single charge, though this may not the actual numbers with which the smartwatch available for purchase later this year.

  • The Pixel Watch was announced at this year’s Google I/O event.
  • The wearable has a domed circular design with rounded edges.
  • The Pixel Watch also comes in a variety of colors and includes a number of fitness tracking features.
  • The Google Pixel Watch is equipped with the most recent Wear OS.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Pixel Watch has a 300mAh battery that provides up to a day’s runtime on a single charge, citing sources. This figure is based on pre-release testing and is subject to change when Google makes the watch available for purchase this fall.

In comparison, we were able to get about a day and a half of use out of the Apple Watch 7 on a single charge, with heart rate monitoring enabled throughout the day, always-on display mode enabled, and SpO2 tracking enabled by default. With the always-on display turned off, the battery lasted about two days. Similarly, we were able to get about a day and a half of battery life out of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic during our review.

According to the report, there was no information available on the conditions under which the Pixel Watch was tested, such as Always-On Display (AOD) on and sleep tracking. Furthermore, according to the report, the Pixel Watch does not provide “particularly fast charging” via its magnetic to USB Type-C cable. A full charge is said to take more than 110 minutes.

Another report from the same source, the Google Pixel Watch has a 300mAh battery. It is assumed that this is for the base model, and the battery size of a possible LTE variant is unknown. It was reported earlier this month that the Pixel Watch would use an older Exynos 9110 chipset from 2018 on the 10nm process – the same chipset found in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

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