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Google Maps rival gets a major update with new Car Play features

by Everydays Journal
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Many people, on the other hand, prefer Google Maps not only because of the overly complex feature set, but also because of the freeware licence, which allows them to access all of the capabilities without paying.

This is where premium navigation products from TomTom, Here, and Sygic sometimes fall short of Google Maps, despite the fact that they generally offer excellent value for money.

TomTom Go Navigation is currently one of the market’s leading navigation apps, and the most recent update has significantly improved it, bringing new features to both Android and iPhone users.

One of the most recent new versions, for example, includes CarPlay enhancements. Version 3.2 (still the most recent release at the time of writing) was released on the App Store in mid-June and includes voice notification support for an upcoming alternate route, making it easier to choose which way to go.

Needless to say, voice notifications are very useful when driving because they allow the driver to keep his eyes on the road without having to look at the screen to interact with the navigation app.

The second enhancement relates to oncoming traffic delays, which are specifically aimed at CarPlay. According to TomTom, CarPlay users can now view total traffic delays on the CarPlay route bar, simplifying the overall experience.

Without a doubt, Google Maps options on Android and iPhone are improving, as are Android Auto and CarPlay, which is great news for everyone. Competition is a good thing, and it often fuels the development of new capabilities, making the software we use more advanced in the short and long term.

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