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Google Drive Gets New Circular Widget On Phones & Tablets

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Google is releasing a unique circular home screen widget for Drive. First spotted by 9to5Google, this is the first widget with content you’ll be theming and a circular design. The publication only reported its availability on Android tablets, but we can confirm that the new Widget design for Drive is also available on phones. The company may expand this design to other apps in the coming weeks.

Home Screen Widget – Google Drive

Google Drive for Android phones and tablets already offers several design options for the home screen widget. The “Run Quick Actions” widget, which takes a horizontal bar layout by default, can be converted into a flower-shaped (or X-shaped) widget. The latest addition allows you to make the widget taller to turn it into a circle.

The new report states that the circular design is reminiscent of the iconic rotary dial. It has a Drive shortcut button in the centre, surrounded by six other shortcuts for various tasks. You get shortcuts for starting a new document in Documents, Sheets, and Slides and opening Drive Search, uploading, and launching the camera. Only the latter three shortcuts are shown along with the drive button in the horizontal bar or flower widget. The “+” icon will pull up the Docs, Sheets, and Slides shortcuts.

Google Drive also provides a widget for suggested files. It lets you quickly access suggested Drive files and shortcuts for search and upload—no design changes are showing up in this widget today.

Google rolls out a circular home screen widget for Drive.

Google has been focusing on improving the aesthetic aspect of Android ever since the introduction of Content Design for You with Android 12 last year. As part of this effort, the company has replaced its first-party apps with a redesigned UI and new home screen widgets. This circular widget for Google Drive is the latest addition to Android’s growing collection of Google Widgets for Android. It is best suited for apps with lots of shortcuts or action buttons. We’ll let you know if more Google apps find this widget design.

Meanwhile, the new circular widget for Google Drive is rolling out with version 2.22.357.1 of the app for Android tablets and phones. If you haven’t received it yet, you should soon. Be sure to keep the Google Drive app on your Android device up to date. You can click on the button below to download the latest version of the app from Google Play Store.

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