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Apple Watch Series 8 review: The quintessential Apple watch, made better! 

by Everydays Journal
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Apple has pampered its users with three choices regarding smartwatches this year – the affordable Watch SE, the updated Watch Series 8, and the adventurer’s pick, the Watch Ultra. I’ve been going about my life for a couple of weeks now with the Apple Watch 8 on my wrist, and here’s whether it’s worth investing in. 


The Watch 8 embodies elegance, especially in my Starlight colour review unit. With a pin-and-tuck closure, the matching sport band is super comfortable to wear for long periods. The crisp, bright Always-On Retina display, with up to 1000 nits of brightness, ensures visibility is never an issue outdoors. I liked playing around with the endless watch face options to find my favourites and loved that I could add or opt out of complications altogether with every watch face. 

Noteworthy updates

Supplemented by the new watchOS 9, one of the leading hardware upgrades the company has been talking about is the two-sensor setup to track temperature. When I wear the Watch to sleep, it tracks my baseline temperature and shows me the data after I’ve worn it for five nights straight. Much like any other smartwatch, the Watch Series 8 breaks down the different stages of sleep – the REM cycle, deep sleep, and disturbed sleep. 

Exactly like the new iPhone 14 lineup, the Watch 8 uses a new accelerometer and gyroscope that work in tandem with the barometer, microphone, and GPS to detect a car crash and would automatically connect me to emergency services in case of an accident.

Redesigned Compass 

I couldn’t get lost in the urban jungle of Chennai to try out the redesigned compass on the Watch 8 authentically. Nevertheless, the Compass app on the Watch has more detailed information, and it’s cool to rotate the digital crown to toggle across the various aspects of the compass data. Not that I couldn’t make my way back from a grocery run, but the Backtrack feature efficiently retraced my journey, as I’d switched it on before leaving the house.

With a particular focus on menstruators and their health, Apple Watch 8 also alerts users to changes or delays in their menstrual cycle. Apple says while cycle deviations can be pretty standard, they can indicate underlying health conditions, such as fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or thyroid disorders. In the app, I can record my cycle and export it as a PDF to share with my doctor. 

While trying on a HIIT workout, I can see an indicator sliding across five distinct heart rate zones from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), giving me a clear idea of how much I’m exerting myself. I’m glad my trainer can’t see it sliding down when skipping a couple of burpees in a row.

With a water resistance rating of 50 metres, Watch 8 can be used for shallow-water activities, like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, it’s a no-go for other water-based activities, such as scuba diving or water skiing. The Watch is also IP6X dust resistant, which means it’s built to let no dust particles in. 

There are many strap options crafted from leather, stainless steel, or fabric, including an exclusive lineup from Nike. If none of these is luxe enough for you, the company has partnered with the French luxury design house, Hermès to create watch bands.

Battery life

The most disappointing aspect of the Watch 8 is its battery life. With almost around-the-clock usage, it keeps me company for just about a day, making it another gadget I have to plug in daily. With low-power mode, Apple claims the Watch can go on for almost 36 hours, and you’ll still have access to activity tracking and fall detection. It took me over an hour for the Watch to be charged fully from zero. 


The Apple Watch S8 is as feature-packed as they come. You have a smartwatch that looks good and performs well across health and fitness parameters, with an increased focus on preventive measures. The only downside is that users in India are paying a lot more for a product with a reasonable and justifiable price tag in other countries, for example, the USA. Suppose blood oxygen saturation, ECG monitoring, and an Always-On display are not crucial. You can even consider checking out the Apple Watch SE, which offers the quintessential Apple Watch 8 experience but at a significantly lower cost. 

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