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Apple Offering: Buy Now, Pay Later Scheme

by Everydays Journal
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News: Apple would offering its “buy now, pay later” service by splitting any Apple Pay bill into instalments. Experts believe that hitting the fintech lending world is like a thunderbolt.

But it turns out the new feature, while simple for consumers, required little backstage restructuring at Apple, including the addition of a whole new subsidiary that would run it.

How Pay Later Works?

This type of “bill me later” type of payment has recently been popular with the addition of online retail at checkout. where companies like Affirm and Klarna have offered easy ways to overcome. The “confirm order” uncertainty with similar ideals. Presented.

The new feature, called Apple Pay Later, lets users pay for purchases with up to four equal payments. Customers repay every two weeks without any interest or fees.

Why experts says don’t do that?

But some experts say that this is not a good idea because people who like apple products are not poor. And Apple is not a fintech company apple is a tech company that different from the lending or loan industry.

Experts say that if Apple launches this service, then the demand will increase, as well as the lending will increase. Because everyone wants apple products.

While Apple has partnered with payment providers and other things on the financial side the first to get. Apple Pay and Wallet working, Pay Later represents the first time the company handles. the actual debt, risk management and credit checks.

After the M2 chip release, people are elated to buy a new MacBook with m2 features

m2 apple

M2: This is a new chip that was launched a few days back and it is the fastest MacBook with affordable prices.

How to Sign-Up For Pay Later?

To sign up, you’ll need a debit card – can’t pay credit with more credit. And Apple said it would conduct a “soft” credit pull to make sure you’re good in everyone’s eyes. After the credit devs made all the decisions without any alarm.

Our Opinion

Pay later is not a new service by Apple in my view as 87% of customers always buy apple products on EMI. The only benefits of this service for customers are that they don’t pay interest on apple products. This scheme will increase the demand for apple products.

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