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Apple expanding security features by adding end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups

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US tech giant Apple has announced that it will finally add end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups, as part of a major set of security announcements.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, backups, notes and photos are now included in Apple’s plan to increase the number of “data types” shielded by end-to-end encryption from 14 to 23.

The outlet reported that a screenshot from Apple shows that when you flip on Advanced Data Protection these categories are covered: Device Backup, Messages Backup, iCloud Drive, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Siri Shortcuts , Voice Memo and Wallet Pass .

Apple today introduced three advanced security features focused on protecting against threats to user data in the cloud, representing the next step in its ongoing effort to provide users with even more robust ways to protect their data.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users can verify that they are only communicating with whom they are intended to. With Security Keys for Apple IDs, users have the option of requiring a physical security key to sign in to their Apple ID account. And with Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, which uses end-to-end encryption to provide Apple with the highest level of cloud data protection, users have access to important iCloud data, including iCloud backups, photos, notes and more. And there is an option to save.

As threats to user data grow increasingly sophisticated and complex, these new features join a suite of other protections that make Apple products the most secure on the market: From the best in security straight into our custom chips— Built with in-class device encryption and data protection, thanks to features like Lockdown Mode, which provides an extreme, optional level of security for users like journalists, human rights activists and diplomats. Apple is committed to strengthening both device and cloud security, and adding new protections over time.

“At Apple, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing our users with the best data security in the world. We continually identify and mitigate emerging threats to their personal data on device and in the cloud,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. “Our security teams work tirelessly to keep users’ data secure, and with iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, users have the power to protect their most sensitive data and communications.” There will be three powerful new instruments.”

iMessage Contact Key Verification

Apple pioneered the use of end-to-end encryption in consumer communication services with the launch of iMessage, so that messages can only be read by the sender and the recipient.

FaceTime has also used encryption to keep conversations private and secure since its launch. Now with iMessage Contact Key Verification, users facing extraordinary digital threats – such as journalists, human rights activists, and members of government – can choose to further verify that they’re messaging only with people they know They want The vast majority of users will not be targeted by highly sophisticated cyber attacks, but this feature provides an important additional layer of protection for those who may be.

Conversations between users who have enabled iMessage Contact Key Verification receive automatic alerts if an exceptionally advanced adversary, such as a state-sponsored attacker, ever manages to breach their cloud servers and eavesdrop on these encrypted communications. Inserts own device succeeds. And for even more security, iMessage Contact Key Verification users can compare contact verification codes in person, over FaceTime, or via another secure call.

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