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Dark Souls PC online functions are up again at last

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Praise the sun, Dark Souls PC’s online functions are restored at last, the RPG game’s official Twitter account announced in a brief new post. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware disabled online functionality for all three Dark Souls games earlier in 2022, following an exploit that hackers could use to access a player’s computer. 

The exploit was shared across the three Dark Souls games, though FromSoftware has gradually been rolling out fixes since August – with one caveat. It doesn’t apply to the original Dark Souls PC port. Bandai and FromSoft permanently delisted Dark Souls: Prepare to Die in October after deciding they weren’t able to continue supporting the game.

So, if you want to carry on playing multiplayer in the original Dark Souls, you’ll have to swap to Dark Souls Remastered.

Dark Souls’ online functions work similarly to Elden Ring’s and let players either team up to tackle challenges together or face off in PvP battles, putting their builds and skills to the test against less predictable foes.

While online functions are officially restored, you may still run into a few issues as Bandai works out the bugs. Shortly after Dark Souls 3’s servers were back online, players reported they were unable to actually connect to the servers until Bandai took them offline again to perform more maintenance.

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