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Emergency SOS via satellite is now available on iPhone 14 lineup in the US and Canada.

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Apple on Tuesday announced that its safety service Emergency SOS via satellite is now available to customers in the US and Canada.

Available on all iPhone 14 models, the technology enables users to message emergency services outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

Additionally, suppose users want to reassure friends and family of their whereabouts while travelling off the grid. In that case, they can now open the Find My app and share their location via satellite, the company said in a statement.

The Emergency SOS via satellite will come to France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK in December.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said that the feature “is a breakthrough service available only on the iPhone 14 lineup, and an innovation that we hope will provide our customers some peace of mind.”

The service will be free for two years, starting with activating a new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Emergency SOS via satellite and Find My via satellite require iOS 16.1.

The emergency services call centers to connect to even more users in emergencies and require no additional software or protocols to enable communications.

“Users will be connected directly to emergency services equipped to receive text messages or relay centers. With Apple-trained emergency specialists who are ready to contact PSAPs that cannot receive text messages on the user’s behalf,” said Apple.

With Emergency SOS via satellite, if a user cannot reach emergency services because no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage is available, an easy-to-use interface appears on iPhone to get the user help utilizing a satellite connection.

A short questionnaire appears to help the user answer vital questions with a few simple taps, which are transmitted to dispatchers in the initial message to ensure they can quickly understand a user’s situation and location.

Apple said it worked closely with experts to review standard questions and protocols to identify the most common reasons for calling emergency services.

“We dedicate our lives to helping people in need, but there are inevitably people who cannot contact a dispatcher. Emergency SOS via satellite will allow us to help iPhone users in more remote areas who might not otherwise be able to reach us,” said Jennifer Kirkland, ENP, the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center’s 911 center manager.

With Emergency SOS via satellite, users can send and receive messages in as little as 15 seconds in clear conditions.

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