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Omicron’s election treatment in Punjab: Corona testing reduced so that rallies are not questioned, 30 thousand tests were being conducted daily, now only 10 thousand

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The government has given electoral treatment to the Omicron variant of Corona in Punjab. Election rallies should not be questioned, so instead of increasing the covid test, we have reduced it. Till a few days ago, 25 to 30 thousand tests were being done, which has now come down to less than 10 thousand, due to which the risk of the third wave has increased in Punjab.

It is a different matter that paper restrictions are definitely being put in place to throw dust in the eyes of the people. However, the government says that the shortage in tests is happening at the district level.

Strict instructions will be given to civil surgeons in this regard. This negligence is sensitive in the context of Punjab, as a large number of Punjabis live abroad, who frequently travel to and from Punjab.

Understand, what is the government’s game for elections:

  • Before the arrival of the Omicron variant of Corona, the government was conducting 16 to 17 thousand tests daily. When Omicron came, the test was increased three times to a target of about 40 thousand. However, the government could never touch this figure. Close to 30 thousand tests were definitely done, but now suddenly they have been reduced to around 10 to 11 thousand.
  • The big reason for the game of showing that there is not much danger of corona in Punjab is the last time of this tenure of the Congress government. The model code of conduct for Punjab elections may be imposed in January itself. In Punjab, from CM Charanjit Channi to Congress President Navjot Sidhu, they are rallying every day.
  • If the figures of corona increase, then questions will arise and the government will be surrounded in it, so the patients of corona have been reduced in the paper itself. There are no other means of testing and official statistics of corona patients, the government also understands this very well.

Kovid situation in Punjab: 76 patients increased in 7 days

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It is a matter of concern in the midst of this government game that corona patients are increasing continuously in Punjab. There were 314 active cases on 23 December, which have now increased to 390 by 28 December.

That is, 76 patients have increased during this period. At present in Punjab, out of these active cases, there are 33 patients who are on life-saving support like oxygen or ICU.

Strict about vaccine but after January 15:

The Punjab government did show strictness regarding the Kovid vaccine on Tuesday, but not immediately but implemented it from January 15 onwards. It is possible that by then the government is expected to put in place a code of conduct and then the command will be in the hands of the Election Commission.

Till then the rallies should be settled by mobilizing the crowd, so the government also showed strictness and kept relief for itself. In the new order of the government, those who do not apply double dose have been asked not to come in crowded places, but the order does not mention election rallies.

Allegations against M’s opponents but did not answer the question of reducing Tests in Punjab:

CM Charanjit Channi has surrounded the opposition parties regarding the Punjab elections. On the occasion of the inauguration of buses in Mohali on Wednesday, the CM said that there is a conspiracy to postpone the Punjab elections by imposing a night curfew on the pretext of Corona.

Aam Aadmi Party imposed a night curfew in Delhi. BJP is also involved with them so that elections are not held on time. CM said that get the elections done today, Congress is fully prepared. However, when he was asked that the Kovid tests in Punjab have been reduced to only 10 thousand, he did not answer this question and went ahead.

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