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Top 10 Small Business Ideas In India 2022

by Everydays Journal
Small Business Idea 2022

One of the main obstacles to starting a business is the lack of start-up capital. So, here I have collected 10 business ideas with minimum investment.

1. Franchise Business As a beginner,

A franchise business model is much more profitable than opening an independent project.

A franchise will give you many advantages:

  • A well-known brand
  • A quick start and a proven business model
  • The risk of loss in this situation is very low – after all,
  • The franchising owner independently assesses how profitable your project will be.

Many companies operate under franchisees – from cafes to networked search rooms. Many brands of clothing or cosmetics also have franchising opportunities.

2. Academic Curriculum

An important point here is to assemble a team of really competent teachers who are able to explain complex subjects in an accessible manner. Or maybe you yourself are well versed in some field and can share your knowledge? The most popular courses are related to IT, Foreign Languages, Finance, Accounting and Aesthetics.

3. Recruitment Agency

Despite the abundance of such agencies, there is still a high demand for good recruiters. Indeed, according to a 2020 ProHR survey, 90% of employers have difficulty recruiting.

Many people are familiar with how recruitment works: some from employers, some from job searching. But still, for starters, it is better to hire a professional HR who will help you understand all the intricacies of the process.

4. Hire of Quadcopter

An interesting idea for a business in 2021, yet with very little competition. Copters are hired for shooting parties, corporate events, weddings and other holidays. The first investment is buying a drone. To be safe, start with a simple model.

5. Catering

This is definitely a great business ideas for people who would love to decorate and serve.

More and more people, organizing holidays or business events, are abandoning the services of expensive restaurants in favor of free space and catering.

It is quite difficult to organize this idea, but if you are familiar with the field – for example, working as a chef in an events agency or other catering, this occupation can bring you good profits.

Guide: How to start catering business in India.

6. Food Delivery from Restaurants

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that big cities often have tons of services that can quickly bring in food from any restaurant. Also, the demand for delivery is huge – almost any establishment that delivers food has increased waiting times on Fridays and weekends.

7 Colleague

There are more and more independent professionals, and interest in temporary workspaces continues to grow. After all, cafes are often noisy, loved ones interfere in the house … Everyone wants to work in a comfortable, light, cozy coworking space – but often not so near home.

This business idea also doesn’t require huge expenditures: To build a co-working station, you don’t need to buy a room—you just need to sublet it.

8 Hostel

Over the years, many hostels have been opened in cities with a population of more than one million. But the demand for hostels continues to grow, which means it can turn out to be a profitable project.

Hostels will be especially popular in resort towns and urban settlements, as well as in transportation hubs.

9 Real Estate Agency

Despite the high level of competition, the demand for realtor services continues to grow. This is due to the fact that many disabled people work in this occupation. Probably everyone who has met realtors at least once understands what it is about.

If you have real estate knowledge, an agency can be a very lucrative project. Agencies specializing in offices and VIP apartments are especially popular today (and commissions in this area are enormous).

10. Event Agency

Organizing an event with high quality, taking into account all the little things, is a very difficult task that costs money.

If you’re interested in organizing parties but don’t have any experience, try organizing a girlfriend’s birthday or some other small event first. Did everything go smoothly? Then maybe this business idea is for you!

Tip: Whatever your business idea, you always need money to test it or start it. Going for small business loan is a good idea. Yo can get business loan from this 2 websites Money Credit & Rokdawale .

I hope this article will help you to choose and start your own business ideas.

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What is Small Business?

Small business is one that requires less investment, less manpower but can have similar efforts to start like a retail store, online business, counseling, coaching institute, e-friend shop, food stall and many more.

What is Small Business Loan?

These loans are designed to help you to grow. Small business owners use the money for things like buying office equipment and office supplies, paying employees, and purchasing in materials they need.

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