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Make Money Using Facebook Groups

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This question pertains to many community leaders who work and spend a lot of time in their communities and do not always see a return. If you own a Facebook group, you’ve almost certainly asked yourself how to turn all this social capital into real capital. Considering that I have been running a profitable Facebook group for more than 5 years, here I am explaining how to do it.

Create paid events online, and on life.

Community leaders can create a series of revenue-generating events, such as workshops for community members on specific topics. To get it done professionally, it’s worth using ticketing software that makes it easy for everyone who comes to the workshop to pay quickly, add events to your calendar, and receive digital entry cards.

Create campaigns with selected brands.

Be careful, as this is the most dangerous part. These days, every company wants to enter digital communities, and you have to be very careful about which companies to choose. As the leader of a Facebook group, you must maintain the cleanliness of your community from “sanctity” and irrelevant promotions. People become members of the community when it gives them significant value, so if you’re putting together a brand, consult the community members first and be honest with yourself – if you have any doubts about this association, Avoid this.

Community members may react angrily to you if you post a brand that they don’t think is appropriate. So how to do it properly? Use the content that the brand will provide to the community members and give them something meaningful. Here are the ideas: Bring in an expert who teaches community members something, brand products for them to use. You should be transparent and always let community members know when a brand “invades” the group.

Affiliate Program.

For those who are less familiar with the affiliate program, this is really the marketing strategy of companies – they give a unique link to their marketing partners. Every time someone buys through a recommendation from this unique link, the company shares the revenue with the partner. “Affiliate program” may sound like a scary phrase, but in fact, there are some communities you may know well enough to do who do it, such as Amazon, Booking, and AliExpress. To make a significant amount of money from affiliate programs, you must own a large Facebook group of at least 30K-50K members who make weekly purchases.

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